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About Us

Your brand image redefined!

Hope Founderz is a UAE-based image consulting and communications company. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses transform their brand image with purpose-driven storytelling, strategic communication, thought leadership profiling, and more.

In today’s competitive landscape, crafting a memorable brand identity is no longer just about your products and services. It’s also about the stories you tell to communicate your genuine purpose.

By curating bespoke communication strategies that resonate with your unique goals, we put you on a transformational journey of creating incredible brand equity and being on top of customers’ minds.

Break through the content tsunami. Establish a robust and authentic connection with your audience. Grow within the transformation you’ll soon initiate.

Meet the Founder!

Tanu Chopra

An experienced image consultant, communications strategist, and MarCom expert, passionate about helping her clients unleash their true brand persona and build a positive reputation in the industry.

Tapping into almost two decades of experience, a deep understanding of MENA culture, and storytelling expertise, Tanu delivers bespoke communication programs that align with broader business objectives and vision.

Over the years, Tanu has partnered with top local and global brands across varied industry sectors, and she takes pride in being part of their growth journey. Apart from playing a pivotal role in some of the prestigious UAE and regional government projects, she has also handled high-level campaigns such as mergers, acquisitions, public listings, and more.

She also crafts personal brand-building programs for CEOs and Business Executives, helping them transform their image and be profiled as a thought leader everyone aspires to follow.

For Tanu, conveying brand narratives with compelling stories isn’t a job –it’s a passion. Partner with Hope Founderz to become a respected authority in your industry and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

What We Stand For?

Hope” isn’t just a buzzword we’ve named our company after. It’s what we stand for, championing a powerful message that any crisis can be turned into an opportunity if optimism is there. The Hope Founderz team comprises approachable professionals who blend positive energy with communications know-how to create an uplifting environment where connections are fostered, challenges are tackled, and success is achieved.

Harnessing the power of optimism, our team delivers impactful, inspiring, and game-changing engagement for brands and leaders to help them achieve the desired spotlight.

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